Muir Lake School has a wide variety of options courses - in the past, we've offered everything from Art and Alberta Conservation to Programming and Yoga. Whether you're into sports or technology, arts or leadership, there's something for you! 

Please note that a fee is required for some options courses.


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Course Descriptions

Please note: All option courses are tentatively planned and will only take place if provincial health measures permit. Courses described below may differ from those offered in the 2021-2022 school year. Please check back for updates.

Advanced Sewing

If you have some sewing experience and are interested in furthering your skills, this is the option for you. After a review of sewing room safety, tools, and terms, you will make a zippy pouch, followed by one or more of the three possible projects. Choose between an open wide zippered pouch, a pencil case, and a purse.

Alberta Conservation and Hunter Education Certification

Interested in conservation, animal identification, and becoming a safe and knowledgeable hunter? In this course, students will complete the training and testing required to be certified to hunt in Alberta. With successful completion of the course, students will be issued their Hunter Education Card.

Art for Beginners

In this option, you will have the opportunity to get your creative juices flowing. We will learn about the different elements of art, and how to apply them to create unique masterpieces! You will use and explore a variety of mediums to develop your skills and expand your creativity.

Athletic Leadership

This option consists of students actively participating in a variety of sports and games that are both teacher- and student-led. Several volleyball and handball games and drills are highlighted in the fall option.

Students also design, create or modify games of their choice and teach these games to other students. The Athletic Leadership class also cooperates with the younger grade levels to help promote physical activity.


Course capacity: 24 students

Love to play badminton? This option is for all levels. Students will learn all the skills and rules related to the sport. Modified doubles and single games will be played, including an in-class tournament. 


In this option, you will learn all about the wonderful sport of basketball! You will participate in, create, and run basketball drills. This course will not only develop students’ basketball abilities, but also their knowledge of the game. Students will learn about rules, scorekeeping, refereeing and more. All skill levels are welcome!

This is an active option that requires students to change and participate individually and as a team.

Beginner Robotics

Learn Intermediate-level computer coding skills and how they apply to basic robotics. How can we make a robot move? What kind of challenges can we use a robot to complete?

Students will also use their new skills to create coding sequences that complete simple tasks. Using Lego EV3 Mindstorms in their learning will help students build their problem solving skills.

Students are encouraged to bring their own personal device with the LEGO EV3 Mindstorm Programming App (free) installed.

Boom, Stomp, Ring

Want to make some exciting music? Try your skill at the Orff instruments, African drums, buckets, handbells, and more! We will be learning a stomp routine, a bucket drumming number, and many other group pieces.

Course direction will be determined in part by student interest.


This class is for those passionate about physical fitness, mental fitness, relaxation and sleep. Mindfulness and making time for rest combined with talent and hard work are the keys to your creativity and success, as well as the awesome Muir Lake working culture.

This course is designed to help you find peace of mind. The class will meditate together, and you will learn life-changing skill of meditation. You will begin to understand the importance of sleep, learning how to have a more restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Listen to music that will help you focus, relax or sleep; watch and participate in video lessons on mindful movement and gentle stretching; and reflect and write your thoughts in a personal journal.

Career Studies

What do you want to do with your life? In this class we will explore a variety of potential careers. Whether your career interests include nursing, dentistry, carpentry or mechanics, you will learn what it takes to make that career happen!

Classroom Assistant

Students are assigned to different classes in the early years to work for the term. They may work one-on-one with a student or in a small group.

Clay Works

Students will use modeling clay as a medium to create a variety of art projects. Clay can be manipulated to produce many creative and interesting art pieces, as well as tools for everyday use. Some of the projects that we create will include bowls, vases and fish sculptures. We will also be painting and glazing our art.

Coding 101

Do you like Angry Birds or Minecraft? Discover how these and other games were created, and explore the basics behind simple computer coding and how it shapes the technological world around us!

This option will allow the students to explore, and create different aspects of computational thinking, including coding their own animations and games!

Course requirement: Personal Laptop or Chromebook

Digital Photo Editing

Have you ever wanted to work creatively with images?

In this course, you will discover how to turn simple snapshots into unique photographs. Using Paint.NET, learn to edit and enhance photos from the digital camera and scanner for printing, illustration and for the web, replicating effects that are seen in magazines, on TV, and online. Retouch, color paint, add special effects filters and make alterations to the photos.

Digital Presentations

No longer a novelty, computer-based presentations are quickly becoming the norm. Digital presentation skills are viewed as an asset in many areas of life, including business, education, volunteer work and anything that requires a meeting.

In this option, students will learn digital presentation development skills, primarily working with tools such as PowerPoint and Prezi.

DIY Creations

Do you love being creative and designing new things? This option will give you the opportunity to be crafty and create goods such as cards, jewelry and much more!

Select and design a project of your own creation, and examine how your passion to create can become a part of your future.


In this course, students will have the opportunity to create improvisational skits, participate in orientation games, practice stage fighting and delve into special effects make-up.

You will be working in small and large groups. Presentations will be limited to the classroom only.

Drive Your Learning

Do you know the rules of the road? How would you most effectively teach those rules to your peers? How do you know you’ve learned what you need to know?

In this CTF challenge, you will learn the rules of the road necessary to obtain an Alberta Learner’s Licence, then use this information to develop a presentation or activity to teach your peers. Finally, you will develop or use assessment tools to evaluate your learning.


Are you interested in becoming your own boss and starting your own business? Do you have a business idea that will make you rich? Learn the basics of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in this option.

Students will create mini business plans and complete cost analysis and break-even calculations to ensure their plan can be successful.

Students should bring a personal device for this option.

Fashion Study

In this course, students will have the opportunity to create a variety of personal outfits for their “label” using stencils, a variety of paper patterns and designs. This project will be placed into a formal portfolio book.


In Foods, students will be learning basic kitchen safety and safe food handling practices through a practical, hands-on approach. Students will work as part of a kitchen team to prepare a variety of delicious recipes that will allow them to understand cooking terms and recipe organization, as well as develop familiarity with kitchen equipment.

The goal is for students to apply the culinary skills they develop in class to their own home cooking, so they can work with confidence preparing healthy and tasty food from scratch, and eventually continue on to further studies in Culinary Arts at the high school level and beyond!

Glass Fusion

Learn the basics of glass fusion. Students will have the opportunity to cut and grind glass to make their own unique designs. A variety of glass colors and textures will be provided.

Students will be encouraged to make a variety of projects, including glass tiles, window hangings, plates, jewellery, and wall art!

Course Fee: $50

Glee Club

Do you love music? Come join our Glee Club, and experience the joy of music through singing, playing instruments, and performing.

In this course you will have the opportunity to sing solo or in groups, play various instruments like the ukelele, drums, barred instruments and handbells, and have a lot of fun.

Graphic Design

Learn the basic commands and functions of graphics software, including both vector and bitmap graphics. Develop your skills in manipulating existing graphics, and learn how to produce your own. Apply your skills and the fundamentals of manipulating digital images using a photo editing program.

Green Screening / Video Creation

Students will be given the opportunity to explore the behind-the-scenes aspect of creating videos. By using a green screen and iMovie (or a video editor of their choice), students will make newscasts, movie trailers, movie scenes and more.


Participating solo or as part of a group, students will be introduced to the study of instrumental music as they learn standard chording on the guitar. Areas of instruction will include instrument care, techniques and fundamentals of musicianship, tone production, and proper posture.

History Re-enacted

Love to discover, explore and learn about history and other cultures? Explore world history through re-enactment videos, movies and documentaries that bring history alive.

History gives us the excitement of discovery and the reward of solving real-world problems. Analyzing history strengthens our critical thinking skills and trains us to gather evidence, and to find patterns and trends. You can apply information from the past to analyze and solve problems in the present. Studying history challenges us to think outside the box and be creative - and it's fun!

Students will choose from a selection of different subjects and cultures that interest them. Some examples of topics include: 

  • Secrets of the Pyramids
  • Athens: Triumph and Tragedy
  • Passage to the Maya Underworld
  • Captain Kidd
  • Cleopatra: The Last Pharaoh
  • Roman Legions
  • Great Lakes Ghost Ship
  • The Rise and Fall of the Wall
  • Saddam and the Third Reich
  • Russia: Land of the Tsars
  • The Pirate Ships
  • Wonders of Atlantis
  • Catherine the Great
  • ...and many others!

Intermediate Robotics

Learn Intermediate-level computer coding skills and how they apply to basic robotics. How can we make a robot move? What kind of challenges can we use a robot to complete? Students will have the freedom to create their own design of a robot, and use it to complete different tasks and challenges around the class.

Students are encouraged to bring their own personal device with the LEGO EV3 Mindstorm Programming App (free) installed.

Intermediate Spanish

Please note: Students must have taken the Intro to Spanish CTF option in the first trimester to register for this course.

Throughout this slightly more advanced Spanish option, students will continue building confidence in their spoken Spanish, focusing on carrying more sophisticated conversations and learning more complex sentences. We will try out our Spanish skills while placing an order at a Mexican restaurant.

Students are encouraged to bring a device with them to class to access class resources online.

International Sports

Students have the opportunity to expose themselves to different sports from around the world, including Rugby, Australian Football, Cricket, and an international sport of their choice. This class combines a classroom component, where students learn about the sport, with an interactive portion held outside, where students will lead specific drills to teach necessary skills for each sport.

Students must change and participate for every class.

Intro to Sewing

Take the opportunity to develop a skill you can use throughout your life!

In this course you will learn the basics of sewing machine use and safety as you make an apron and matching potholder. This is a great introduction to sewing if you have never experienced it before: after taking this course, you can take any of the advanced sewing options offered through the years.

Intro to Spanish

In this course we will focus on developing our conversational and practical Spanish skills. We will focus on things like basic greetings, ordering food, numbers, colors and asking for directions. Together we will grow more comfortable using a new language, and learning from each other through conversations in Spanish.

Throughout our time together we will be working toward a Skype conversation with a class or classes in Mexico, not only to test our newly developed Spanish skills, but also to pick up a little information on the differences in our cultures as well.

Students are encouraged to bring a device with them to class to access resources online.

Introduction to Pieced Quilting

In this course, you will review the basics of sewing and safety, then choose a pillow top style and gather fabric of your choice to make a personalized pillow. Create a unique and practical piece while learning the basics of cutting, sewing and pressing used in quilt making. This is where crafting, scrapbooking, and fabrication come together.

If you have taken this course before, you will have the opportunity to make a quilt this time, applying the same skills to a larger project.

Jewelry Making

In this course, you will create and design your own wearable jewelry. We will be creating necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets and even rings using a variety of tools, including beads (small and chunky), string (different colors), wire and some unconventional accessories like buttons and safety pins.


We will be examining the various sections of a newspaper, and you will have the option to create work which focuses on your strengths and interests. If you enjoy writing fiction, sharing your opinion or describing events going on in the school, you will have the opportunity to learn about your particular niche. Students will complete a bi-weekly newsletter for the school.


In Leadership, you will have the opportunity to plan one major activity and fundraising event for the option term. In Term 1, you will coordinate the Terry Fox Walk, which includes an assembly as well as a fundraising walk around the school. You will also be planning this year’s Halloween events, which include an activity for the younger grades as well as a dance.

In Leadership, we are always open to new ideas, so if you have some new and exciting suggestions, join the option and make them happen!

Musical Theatre

How can you tell a story using acting, singing and dance? In this course we will explore how to use the voice and body to portray thought, emotion and motion. As in all musical theatre and film, we will use song and dance to tell the story. Be ready to deliberate, collaborate, and actuate!

This year’s performance will be High School Musical, and we will be performing it on the evening of Wednesday, June 8.

Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education option is a student-centered program designed to enhance the participant’s learning ability, self-confidence, and self-discipline. Here, individuals can challenge themselves mentally, physically, socially, emotionally and culturally. Students will learn to utilize the outdoors as a classroom, and incorporate many skills to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

If you want to complete activities outdoors while dressed appropriately for the weather conditions, Outdoor Education is the course for you.


Learn the basics of clay sculpture. Work with clay and develop your artistic sense of sight and touch. Using clay and pottery techniques, you will design, plan and develop your own pieces of art and sculpture.

Scrapbooking and Card Design

In this basic introduction to card making and scrapbooking, you will learn techniques including colour use, stamping and embossing, as well as how to make the most of embellishments, shapes, and a variety of page layouts. You will be asked to bring in photographs to create a scrapbook page. We will fashion a variety of different custom cards, and you will learn how to promote your own products.

Course Fee: $20.00

Small Engine Basics

If you love taking things apart to see how they work, this is the option for you.

This course is all about learning by doing. We will begin by learning and going through the different systems that make up the small engines you see on lawnmowers, pumps, motorcycles, etc. You will have a chance to see how different brands and types of small engines are taken apart and put back together, while learning how to maintain, repair or replace the different systems inside.

Students are encouraged to bring a change of old clothes or a pair of coveralls if possible.


In this option, students will analyze and identify various strategies and techniques associated with the game of softball. Students will develop the physical skills needed to participate in games, and acknowledge the history of the game.

Sports Exposure

What sport do you want to explore?

Students will be given a chance to research a sport or activity that they are curious about. A list of activities - such as billiards, bowling, gymnastics, broomball, water polo and more - will be provided to the students, who will then research the rules and strategies related to that sport or activity. Students will then share this information with their peers by teaching portions of the game or activity.

Come join the fun and explore some different sports!

Track and Field

Course capacity: 24 students

This option will allow students to analyze and identify techniques and strategies used in a variety of track and field events. Students explore their own physical abilities while participating in specific events and general fitness activities.

Travel and Tourism

Develop your appreciation for travel! Through discussion and media, explore places that you would like to travel to in the future. Examine all the different budget options, create an itinerary, identify pre-departure requirements and explain what kind of budget you would need for your trip. Itineraries will be shared with peers.

Video Game Creation

Students will be introduced to a variety of free programs - such as Scratch, Stencyl, and Piskel - that can be used to help them design and create their own video game. The design process will include creating original sprites (characters) and scenes. 

Students are encouraged to bring their own device; however, it is not required.


In this option, students will analyze and identify various strategies and techniques associated with the game of volleyball. Students will be participating in high tempo drills and activities in addition to competitive games that will enhance their performance as volleyball players.

Web Design

Are you creative? Do you enjoy surfing on the web? Maybe it's time you learned how to produce a website using HTML, the language of web design!

In Web Design, you will research characteristics of an effective web page; design, create and present your own web page; and finally enhance your web page to improve its features and functions. Students will also apply consistently appropriate workstation routines, and demonstrate basic competencies.


Course capacity: 20 students

In this course, students new to woodworking will have the opportunity to learn and apply basic woodworking skills, such as planning, cutting, assembling, prepping and finishing. Students will build a mini step ladder and finish it how they like to show that they understand proper tool safety and basic woodworking techniques.

Students who have already taken the woodworking option will have the opportunity to further their skills by building a new project of their choosing.

This course is open to students who have taken woodworking in the past, as well as students taking it for the first time.


Interested in graphic design and photography?

In this option, students will be organizing, designing, and creating the 2019-2020 Muir Lake School yearbook. There are many jobs to do! The process will involve taking and choosing pictures and information to share as memories of the awesome school year. Students will also be editing their writing, deciding on colour schemes and creating artwork for the cover and page templates.

This is a great way to get involved in creating lasting memories for students in the many years to come.


Students will explore the growing world of yoga. In this option, we will examine physical postures, breathing and relaxation techniques, and meditation. We will also look at the various types of yoga and pilates classes.

Mats are not required, but students are encouraged to bring their own if they already have one.