Get Involved

Are you looking to volunteer at Muir Lake? Email or drop a letter off at the school office letting us know that you are interested in volunteering. Be sure to mention the types of things you would like to be involved with, the days and amount of time that you can spend in the school.

Please note: Our volunteer positions are open to adults only.

Why would you want to volunteer in a school? If you are new to the community it is a great way to get to know the staff and students in the building. It lets you know what your children are up to in our building or potentially what they may be up to in the other grades.

There are many different volunteer tasks at Muir Lake School. The tasks and duties listed may include, but are not limited to what is contained in our handbook. Please know that any time you have to offer is always welcome.

Volunteer Handbook

General guidelines, volunteer information, and school expectations are contained in our volunteer handbook. 

View the Handbook